These notes are in Susie McCombs' possession in 2005. They were written many years ago in her handwriting. The source of the information is unknown, but probably either Vere himself or Chella (Bennett) McCombs.

Vere arrived in Wasco Feb. 6, 1907, after a 10 day wagon trip from Gardena - 4 horses & 2 wagons. They came to Saugus - were told the road was impassible; detoured to Lancaster & then back to Gorman. At the Grapevine they found the valley flooded. Carrie & her father, Mr. J. W. Hoyle, came later. Carrie & Vere were married Oct. 26, 1906. They had one of the first frame houses in Wasco & son Gene was the first born in Wasco..